Dewar’s Profile: How About Scotch for Breakfast?

Because the Sunday Morning Group has an international reputation in the marketing world, the manufacturers of golf-oriented consumer items—and especially golf-oriented alcoholic beverages—sometimes come to us for help with product positioning. Recently, the people who make Dewar’s blended scotch whisky asked us to test a drink they’d come up with, called Dewar’s Hole-in-One Cold Brew. Here’s what it looks like:

dewars coffee-001

And here’s the official recipe:

3 shots of cold-brew coffee

2 shots of DEWAR’S 12-Year-Old

½ shot of simple syrup

1 dash of vanilla extract (optional)

¼ shot of heavy cream

Add the coffee, whisky, simple syrup and vanilla extract (if using) to a cocktail shaker. Add ice to the shaker to above the level of the liquid and shake for 3 seconds. Strain the mixture into tall glass with ice cubes. Top with heavy cream, optional.

As it happens, my wife is a cold-brew nut. So with her help I mixed up a batch of Cafe du Monde Coffee and Chicory in our kitchen (and allowed it to cold-steep for 24 hours):


Then, on Sunday morning, I took the coffee to the club, along with all the other ingredients—including a bottle of scotch provided by Dewar’s—and set up a “test bar” on the first tee:


The guys gave it an exhaustive work-up:


They even checked the purity of the individual ingredients. Did you know that red Solo cups came this small?


Final verdict: all possible thumbs up. And there is no way that the vanilla or heavy cream should be considered “optional.” I had to leave the scotch out of mine, for personal reasons, but even in its virgin form Hole-in-One Cold Brew is great—like melted Haagen-Dasz coffee ice cream on the rocks. And Hacker (real name) finally had an excuse to wear his red Dewar’s fleece jacket, which he bought for $10 during a promotion of some kind at our liquor store a decade or two ago, before we had a working relationship with the company.


Next: how about something made with Wild Turkey?


We have lots of them in our area—including on the eighth hole, above—even though Reese periodically thins the flock:


Incidentally, when a detachment of the Sunday Morning Group was in Ireland, last month, Reese’s foursome spotted a fox on the third hole at Enniscrone. Reese has a den in his yard at home, and he knows how to speak fox:

He fox-barked at the Enniscrone fox three times, and all three times the fox turned around. And Reese can gobble, too.


2 thoughts on “Dewar’s Profile: How About Scotch for Breakfast?

  1. First I enjoy your posts and getting updates on the exploits of the Sunday Morning Group (SMG) A great read and highlights one of the joys of golf a fun group to play with.

    Any chance we can get an update on whats in your bag? I remember an almost all hybrid bag and a lifestyle with your friend Tony (?) that was refereed to as a hybrid lifestyle.

    Keep up the grit writing it is a pleasure to read.


    • Tony’s bag has evolved more than mine has, although the last time I saw it — in Ireland, in May — he still had more hybrids than irons. I always carry either four or five hybrids, depending on where I’m playing, and they’re still the same ancient Nike Sumos I had the last time I wrote about them. My favorite of those is still the 7 — 34 degrees — a club that Nike’s hybrid guy swore to me they’d never made. Greatest golf club ever, in my opinion. I constantly worry about what I’ll do once I’ve finally worn out my current collection. The modern hybrids that look the best to me right now (although I haven’t tried them) are Callaways. I did get rid of my Cleveland 8 and 9, which were called hybrid irons. I bought them just to be “consistent,” but they both sort of sucked. I now have just a regular 8 and 9, made by Callaway, which I like just fine. And thank you!

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