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“Anyone who has ever picked up a golf stick and found it difficult to put it back down will seethe with envy at what David Owen has done and recounted so entertainingly in his book.” George Plimpton, New York Times Book Review


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Winner, United States Golf Association
International Book of the Year

“Owen makes us wish we had known Roberts, if only to judge him for ourselves–no small achievement. He writes beautifully. . .meandering through the familiar byways, enveloping us in the Augusta-ness of it all.”
–The Wall Street Journal

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“It appears that Earl and Kultida never took a false step in all those years in California. . . .But I sometimes wonder whether Tiger didn’t ‘create’ his parents as much as they created him. From the moment he climbed down from that high chair, he seems to have been phenomenally well equipped–temperamentally, emotionally, intellectually–to exploit the physical gift that he was born with. Is it outlandish to wonder whether part of his genius didn’t lie in an ability to inspire his parents to conduct their lives in perfect harmony with his ambition?”
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“Mr. Owen’s style might be best described as part John Updike and part Johnny Miller.”

“David Owen may well be the closest thing we have to an American version of P.G. Wodehouse.”
Stuart ShiffmanBookReporter