Pamanukan Every month, Golf Digest and I make a video based on my column in the magazine. A selection:

Searching for Power at the P.G.A. Golf Merchandise Show, April, 2012

The Hybrid Lifestyle, Golf Digest, February, 2012

Smartphone GPS Apps, Golf Digest, January, 2012

Skype, Golf Digest, December, 2011

Displaying Photos, Golf Digest, August, 2011

Cameras for Golfers, Golf Digest, July, 2011

Multiple monitors, Golf Digest, June, 2011

2011 PGA Merchandise Show, Golf Digest, April, 2011

GPS Tools, Golf Digest, March, 2011

Saving Golf Stuff Forever, Golf Digest, January, 2011

This one isn’t directly golf-related, although the guy who shoots me in the video (with a .38-caliber revolver) does make a bulletproof golf shirt.

Survival of the Fitted, The New Yorker, 9/26/2011.