Flat Pete Goes on a Golf Trip

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http://fhaloanmichigan.org/fha-loan-in-highland-mi Peter P., a regular member of the Sunday Morning Group, was in a car accident back in August. He’s finally out of the hospital, but he isn’t walking again yet, much less playing golf, so we had to improvise in order to take him on our annual autumn trip to Atlantic City. We made a two-dimensional version of him, called Flat Pete, because we figured that in that form he would be easier to pack and lug around. The photo below shows him from the side. Notice how his eyes seem to follow you around the room:

IMG_2845Flat Pete was made possible by Reese, who not only printed him on the fancy color plotter in his office but also put himself at tremendous personal risk by inhaling clouds of spray adhesive during assembly. Flat Pete is so eerily realistic that my dog went crazy when I brought him up to my office after cutting him out in the basement. He rode down in my car, with Hacker (real name) and Gene. Here he is with Hacker, in Hacker’s driveway, when we were loading up to go:


And here he is in the parking lot of the first golf course we played in A.C. That’s me on the left and Gene on the right. All three of us are wearing hats that Hacker had had custom-made for the trip, at a place called Fat City:


Flat Pete made a better impression on bartenders than the rest of us usually do, even though he brought his own beer. He was also the only guy on the trip who didn’t snore.


And he won fifteen bucks playing golf—which is better than Mike A. did. Here he is in a golf cart with Other Gene:


Anyway, it was nice to have him along, and we’re all hoping that next year, or the year after that, he’ll be able to make it in person:

Les, Peter P., Tim, Basilicos Ristorante, Sea Isle City, NJ, October, 2013.

Les, Peter P., Tim, Basilicos Ristorante, Sea Isle City, NJ, October, 2013.

3 thoughts on “Flat Pete Goes on a Golf Trip

  1. My wife is a middle school media specialist (librarian) & compared Flat Pete to the Flat Stanley phenomenon among her students several years ago!

    • Flat Stanley was the inspiration–although Flat Pete was more realistic than my nephew’s Flat Stanley, which came to visit us fifteen years ago.

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