Golf-Hating Masochist Builds House on Golf Course

Most people who live on golf courses play golf, or like golf. This for-sale sign faces the course, not the street. The "lake front" it mentions is a swimming-pool-size water hazard. In other words, it's a dream house.

buy Lyrica online overnight Most people who live on golf courses play golf, or, at the very least, like golf. This for-sale sign faces the course, not the street, because the real-estate agent knows that golfers are the people most likely to be interested in buying a house with a view of a fairway. The “lake front” mentioned down at the bottom of the sign refers to a water hazard the size of a swimming pool. In other words, this is a golfer’s dream house.

buy Lyrica overnight The Sunday Morning Group has just returned from its annual end-of-season golf trip to Atlantic City. We had a terrific time (and I’ll have more to say about the trip over the next couple of weeks). Two of the three courses we played had houses or condos along some of the fairways. People who live next to golf holes do so at least partly because they love golf—or so you would think. The guy whose property is shown in the photos below apparently does it to keep himself in a constant state of agitated fury.


The brush fence shown in the photo above runs along the guy’s rear property line, and, lest anyone think those branches fell from the trees in neat piles and straight lines, he added no-trespassing signs, fence posts reinforced with rebar, nylon rope, out-of-bounds stakes, and a red line painted on part of the cart path where the asphalt apparently encroaches a few inches into his yard:

The red line painted on the edge of the cart path in the lower left-hand corner of the photo, just below the nylon rope, runs along the edge of the property. Did the owner hire a surveyor to  determine the exact location of the line?

The red line painted on the edge of the cart path in the lower left-hand corner of the photo, just under the nylon rope, runs along the edge of the property. Did the owner hire a surveyor to determine an exact location for the line?

The creation of this barrier was not the work of a single afternoon.


The owner also installed a bench and a fire pit near the brush fence, perhaps so that he can keep golfers under personal surveillance and incinerate balls that land inside the barrier.


Last spring, I played a couple of rounds at Formby Golf Club, in England. A rich guy whose house backs up to the seventeenth tee had installed close-circuit video cameras on tall poles at the edge of his property, to keep an eye on the golfers. Wouldn’t it be easier to live somewhere else? Or maybe some people just enjoy feeling pissed-off all the time. The signs below are more in line with my own thinking.


5 thoughts on “Golf-Hating Masochist Builds House on Golf Course

  1. I live on a course and our house is parallel with the “tips” on the third hole which is a dog leg left par 4. About once a week someone of such tremendous skill and ability will shank a ball into the our yard which seems to violate more laws of physics than my buddy Steve Hawking has time to figure out.

    When my son was 6 (he’s a very mature 8 now), he loved to tell the player doing the “walk of shame” that he is able to hit it past the red tees now from the tips loud enough that the rest of the foursome could hear it. About once a month the “person who should know better and just accept his punishment” will call him on it so he always has his driver sitting by the garage door ready to tee it up and crush it 125 yds down the middle.

    After I get done with my dew sweeper Sunday morning round, my wife and I enjoy sitting on the patio reading the paper with a cup of coffee. Without looking up, we enjoy listening to the contact and calling out by the sound if it is going left or right before it hits tall trees on the left or a house, car, window, etc. on the right. The best ones are when you hear a window break and the player asks his buddies if they think his ball went OB and should he hit another. Sure glad I never slice!

  2. There are some strange people around. A woman living on the edge of our course, Paraparaumu Beach Gold Club, took them to court over errant golf balls landing in her garden. The courts made the golf club move the ninth tee. Should have just told the woman to move.

  3. The guy who built the fence made a smart move, after all if he is a golfer he would have a never ending supply of free balls landing in his yard. He could keep the Pro-V1’s to play with and then put the rest in a bucket at the end of his yard with an honesty box and make a good return on the fencing investment.

  4. The course I play is in a brand new subdivision. Some guy just moved into a new house that is 150-250 yards down the left hand side of a dogleg par 4 (depending on which tee the golfer uses). The best play on this hole is to hit your drive down the left hand side and fade it back to the middle. So if you try this and accidentally hit a draw/hook you are pretty much taking direct aim at this guys house. Unfortunately for him the house is only about 15 yards from the OB stakes and only about 30 yards off the fairway, so he is definitely in the firing line. Also, his builder did him no favors as he took down several trees that could have provided additional protection from errant shots.

    Now remember, this is a brand new subdivision – there are plenty of empty lots, so this guy could have built his house anywhere and he CHOSE to build in this location. He is definitely a non-golfer as he has told the pro shop on numerous occasions as he filed complaints about golfers hitting his house, breaking his windows, hitting his cars, and coming into his yard. He moved in less than 3 months ago and he has already had 2 windows broken multiple times each. He has erected a net to try and keep errant drives from hitting his house/cars which I think has been somewhat helpful in its purpose. When he is home he has been harassing golfers who hit in his yard and telling them it is private property and he will be calling the cops if they come into his yard to retrieve a ball. Rumor is the no trespassing signs will be going up soon. I guess folks are already scared to enter the yard because when I hit one close to the OB stakes the other day I saw 1/2 a dozen golf balls lying in the yard.

    Anyway, bottom line is this guy had no idea what he was in for when he chose that location for a house.

  5. I’m a golfer of 20+ years AND I live on a golf course. I get tired of golfers wandering into my yard and traipsing through my planted beds just to retrieve a ball. When our children were growing up with golf, we taught them that an OB ball in someone’s yard was a lost ball. It’s simple golf etiquette. Be a man and throw down another ball. If you can’t afford to drop another ball, perhaps golf should not be your game. Unless your course has a CC&R with property owners, golfers have no more right to walk into someone’s yard than any other by-passer.

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