Shep’s Cool Spinning-Golf-Ball Trick

Gur’yevsk During my Sunday Morning Group’s recent golf trip to Atlantic City, Shep—who used to play on a professional tour in South America and now is a stockbroker—demonstrated several cool golf-ball tricks, including the one shown in the video below. He got the ball spinning by bouncing it back and forth with his wedge, then held it, still spinning, on the clubface.

The trick, it turns out, is even harder than it looks, although Josh was able to make a ball spin (in the air) alternately clockwise and counterclockwise. Well, forget it. A little later, we saw two guys shooting a pistol at a target. They stopped while we teed off—which was nice, although it made no difference, since you could hear the gunshots all over the course.

4 thoughts on “Shep’s Cool Spinning-Golf-Ball Trick

  1. I saw Chi Chi Rodriguez do the spinning ball trick at a demo he did at Bethpage Black back in the 90’s. He did it while lecturing about the dangers of drug abuse and at the end he held the ball, spinning on he wedge, in front of a couple of teenagers and said, “See keeds, thees ees your mind on drugs.” That and his claim that two balls that he had hooked and sliced had collided in mid-air were the highlights of the day.

    • Very cool. I watched him pounding dead-straight monster drives on a simulator at the PGA Merchandise Show a couple of years ago.

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