Bad Golf Swings in Advertisements

can you buy Gabapentin online Photograph from recent advertisement for Americana Manhasset. I used to have a folder containing golf-themed magazine advertisements in which the models clearly knew nothing about golf. I saved it for years and years and years—and then, at some point, I must have thrown it away, because I’ve turned my house upside down without finding it. However, I did notice the photograph above in a recent issue of the New York Times, in an advertisement for a shopping mall called Americana Manhasset, which describes itself as “the premier luxury shopping destination on Long Island’s North Shore, close to Manhattan and the Hamptons.” The scene isn’t meant to be realistic, of course, but I can’t help feeling annoyed by the guy’s grip, by the fact that the putting green isn’t a putting green, by the fact that he’s putting with what looks like a 6-iron, and by the fact that the woman is wearing high heels and therefore making a deep gouge with every step. Also, of course, they’ve parked their camper on the putting surface, if that’s what it’s supposed to be.

I did turn up this MasterCard advertisement from 2005:

Nothing unusual there—except that one of the guy’s golf balls is light blue, and his golf bag and golf clubs are apparently reproducing the way hydras do, by budding. In the closeup below, you can see the offspring bag (and duplicated putter) forming on the left, under the main bag. Look closely:

I wouldn’t at all mind posting more examples of this kind of thing. I’m especially interested in bad grips and bad swings. Anybody got anything?

7 thoughts on “Bad Golf Swings in Advertisements

  1. I’ve seen an ad last week with a girl gripping an iron as a baseball club, but I was driving and I couldn’t catch the brand advertised…

  2. I loves me some bad advertising swings but what I love most is those golf trophies – for the Bud Johnson Memorial Scramble or the Law Firm of Blakeslee and Billingsley Inter-Office Invitational – where the club is completely ass-backwards in the golfers hand at the top of the swing. I think the trophy makers do it for their own amusement.

  3. Played with a couple of guys the other day who had the worst swings I’ve ever seen.
    But they could both out drive me by quite a distance, quite annoying standing on the tee and watching this. Only saving grace was at the end of the round when they handed me the money for beating them.

  4. Go to the right now and on the homepage there’s a girl standing in front of a driving range mat where a guy’s lining up a shot that would hit her square in the teeth if it goes right at all.

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