Martha’s Vineyard, Golf, Lyme Disease

is it ok to buy accutane online Penny (left) and deer tick.

buy Pregabalin online My wife and I are on Martha’s Vineyard, where the vacation activities include looking for, finding, and removing deer ticks, which carry Lyme disease. ┬áNone of this is easy, because the ticks are extraordinarily small. Here’s an enlarged detail from the photo above, in case you’re having trouble spotting the tick.

Penny and deer tick (detail).

I found the tick above between two of my toes and stuck it to a piece of paper with Scotch tape. It’s one of several dozen I’ve found so far, all of them on my feet and legs. I’ll let you know in a week or two whether I’ve contracted Lyme again.

Luckily, tick-hunting isn’t the only vacation activity around here. There’s also golf, on a course I like a lot, Farm Neck Golf Club, in Oak Bluffs. Here’s one of my favorite holes, the fourth, a par 3, on which you don’t want to be right, long, left, or short, but especially not right or long.

I forgot to mention the wind.

And here are the people I played with today, a roughly my-age guy, whose name was Richard, and his two sons-in-law. In the photo, Richard has just missed a short par putt after making a semi-miraculous chip shot from the edge of the cart path.

That’s Richard, on the right. I hit the green but three-putted.

I didn’t notice any ticks on the golf course, but there were lots of these other things, which are almost as annoying:

One thought on “Martha’s Vineyard, Golf, Lyme Disease

  1. Glad to see you are addressing the issue of Lyme Disease. My experience with Lyme (which I think I contracted while searching for an errant drive) is that I did not know I had been bitten, nor did I exhibit the typical symptoms (bulls-eye rash, flu-like symptoms). As a result the disease has invaded my body and really messed up my neurological system as well as my thinking ability and energy level. The disease is chronic and my dreams of playing regular golf in my retirement may be just that, dreams.

    Golfers are particularly susceptible to Lyme. You’d be doing a great service to millions of golfers if you would write about it more often, particularly about how early detection can prevent a world of trouble for the unfortunate victim of a random tick bite.

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