The Perfect Winter Adjunct to Golf

unthinkably I have a short article in the current New Yorker about curling, a sport that most people think about only during the winter Olympics, if then. Curling is actually distantly related to golf, as you’ll see. But even if it weren’t it would still be the perfect winter game for golfers whose golf courses have been unplayable since virtually Thanksgiving, as all the ones near me have been.

I didn’t mention this in my article, but a common rookie mistake in curling is failing to anticipate that, because of the crouching position that curlers assume as they begin a throw, the middle-aged-male wardrobe malfunction known as plumber’s butt could also be called curler’s butt. Also, novices tend to fall down. But it’s a great game, and I wish my golf club would build a couple of “sheets”, ideally where the tennis courts are now. There’s a curling club next to a nine-hole golf course in a town about an hour north of here. That’s not as far away as the club I wrote about, although it’s still pretty far. Or maybe not.

Anyway, the photo below is of Aysha and Angela, the two young women I mention in the article. We took a lesson together, and when we finished they were at least thinking about signing up.

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Winter Adjunct to Golf

  1. Hey, David…I thought you might find the logo of the Prince George Golf and Curling Club interesting.

  2. Possibly Duluth Trading Co. would be interested in providing inscribed clothing. They already advertise long tail shirts specifically designed to mask plumber’s butt

  3. Need masters posts please. Even just a recounting of the time you played Augusta and holed out with Janzen and Els on the green ahead of you. Let the countdown for spring begin!

  4. The Squamish Golf Club on the British Columbia coast as within it’s clubhouse a curling rink as the golf course is closed in winter. It seems to be very popular, even the unenlightened, who do not play golf, particulate in curling.

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