Happy New Year (Boohoo)

http://inklingsandyarns.com/tag/garment-sewing/ Ordinarily, I’d be playing golf right now. For many years, the Sunday Morning Group has managed to find snow-free fairways and greens somewhere within driving distance of home. Last year, we played at Pelham Bay, in the Bronx (photo below); the year before that, we played at Fairchild Wheeler, in southern Connecticut (photo above, featuring Mike B.).


We played at Fairchild Wheeler in 2015, too, and Chic brought New Year’s glasses for the entire group:

We give two extra handicap strokes to anyone who wears shorts after December 1; as you can see in the photo, only Fritz got the bonus that day. He says his legs never bother him, but that day was so cold that we had more than the usual amount of trouble getting tees into the ground:

The year before that, we played in Brooklyn, at Dyker Beach, which not only is a very good course but also has swell views of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge:

In 2012, for the first time ever, we played on our own course, which Gary, our awesome superintendent, didn’t close for the season until we were finished. (I wore shorts that year, as did Fritz and Mike A.)

One of the best was 2009, when we thought we might have to drive north, to Buffalo, to find grass, but then learned that the Bay Course at Seaview, just outside Atlantic City, was open. Gene, Hacker, and I drove down (four hours) and spent the night in the hotel, which is a lot nicer than the places we usually stay when we travel. Two days of unlimited golf plus a room cost just a hundred and seventy dollars — and we had the place to ourselves, because it was crazy cold and everything was frozen solid. Here’s Hacker (real name) and me on the Bay Course, dressed for the weather:

But this morning there’s still snow on the ground all over the Northeast, and the temperature at my house when I got up was -2. There was some talk about simply showing up at Ray’s place, in Florida, and throwing ourselves on the mercy of him and his wife, but in the end we decided to stay home, for once, and dream about spring.

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year (Boohoo)

  1. I remember playing on New Years Day 4 Years in a row at Shennecosset Golf Course in Groton CT. The place was jammed pack with guys from up north that were itching to play with their new golf toys! Met some good guys during those rounds. Hopefully we have a mid winter heat wave!

  2. Usually the Arctic Tour up here in Mass has a place to go: the Cape or RI. But we’ve been denied since Xmas. So we’ve had to resort to indoor golf. Counting down the days to our group trip to FL in a few weeks!

    Favorite winter moment of 2017: scraping 5″ of snow off my car, driving 1.5 hours to Hyannis and playing in green, soft conditions.

  3. I hear you. I had multiple options for a week of golf this week but I was forced to cancel all my plans as the average temperature is below freezing from RI to VA.
    I feel your pain …

    • I’ve played in below-freezing weather (and in snow), but I draw the line at below-zero. For several days now, I’ve mostly just been sitting indoors and listening to my furnace.

        • It’s been thirsty lately. Quite a few people around here actually ran out of oil last week, because delivery trucks couldn’t keep up with the demand. An oil truck showed up in my driveway at 11:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, but it turned out that the driver was looking for my neighbor. I finally got a delivery two days ago — and just in time, because I was pretty much down to sludge.

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