This Golf Accessory is a Ripoff, but it Kind of Works, So Far


ivermectin (ivermectin) where to buy I’ve owned or tested a number of pushcarts, and so far the one I’ve liked best and would recommend for most golfers is the Clicgear 3.5+. It’s a substantial piece of machinery, yet it folds down into a reasonably compact unit, which I have no trouble fitting into the trunk of my car as long as there’s nothing much in my trunk other than my golf bag and my pushcart.

The Clicgear does have an annoying design flaw, though—as you can sort of see in the  first and third golf carts in the photo above: some bags sit so low on the cart that they come very close to the front wheel, and even scrape. The reason is that each cart’s bag rest, a padded metal loop, doesn’t stick out far enough and is at least an inch too close to the wheel. Clicgear has acknowledged that this can be an issue for “tour and large size golf bags,” but it actually affects small bags, too. I’ve got a lightweight Sun Mountain carry bag, and after about a year the wheel began to rub. I dealt with the problem at first by resting the bottom of the bag not on the bag rest but on the little folding arms above it, which are meant to secure the bag to the cart, but when I did that the bag wouldn’t stay put. More recently, I gave up and spent ten bucks for Clicgear’s solution: a “booster clip” that clamps onto the bag rest and is supposed to add an inch of clearance.

At least part of the issue with Sun Mountain and similar carry bags is that their bases are beveled, to accommodate the lever that pops out the legs, and the Clicgear bag rest doesn’t extend far enough past the bevel: it’s too short to engage the actual bottom of the bag.

I hate the idea of spending ten dollars on a piece of plastic that must have cost a millionth of a cent to manufacture and that wouldn’t be necessary if Clicgear had ever bothered to correct its own design flaw. (The bag rest has been the same since the beginning, in models 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5+.) And even the booster clip is poorly designed, since it has a rounded front that reduces its effective thickness for bags like mine. A much better solution would have been to redesign and replace the bag rest itself. But the clip does lift my bag just high enough that it no longer scraps—for now. We’ll check back in a year.


9 thoughts on “This Golf Accessory is a Ripoff, but it Kind of Works, So Far

  1. Bagboy makes a very good, folding pushcart that keeps my Ogio carrybag off of the front wheel. Folds easily into a compact triangle, and has a switch to let the front wheel swivel or not, and a good brake. Also accommodates my Titleist leather cart bag.

  2. When I started using a push cart I switched back to a lightweight cart bag…specifically due to “fit”…I see you still use the stand bag…yes?

    • Yes. Every once in a long while, I dump out all the extra crap I haul around now and actually carry my carry bag–usually on a course that for no plausible reason doesn’t allow golfers to use pushcarts.

  3. I started carrying a Sunday bag with about 10 – 12 clubs last Spring, and I haven’t moved back to my full size carry bag and Clicgear combo, yet. It’s not fancy and I have already gone through one Sunday bag, but it is convenient (other than the need to pick up the bag after every shot).

    • The part of me that has the most trouble with carrying a golf bag is my knees. I’ve also gotten used to loading up my bag with stuff I don’t really need. I wouldn’t be able to comfortably carry all that crap, but I don’t mind pushing it around, even on hills, and I think of the extra exertion as exercise–like, working on my “core.”

  4. Another Ripoff Golf Accessory: This may be a topic left for another day or blog.. but, buying a new driver means also getting a head cover the size and complexity of a Honda Accord. And, I suspect the cost of production is a pretty penny- which is added to the climbing cost of the big-head clubs. I worked at a local golf course for several months and having seen the bins of driver head-covers left on the course and never claimed, I have my doubts that golfers put much value in them.

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