Presidents Cup Plan B In a panic that the American team might close out the Presidents Cup before any of theĀ  singles matches had been played, the PGA Tour and NBC late Saturday morningĀ  devised an emergency back-up competition for Sunday, the Vice President’s Cup (see above).

One thought on “Presidents Cup Plan B

  1. Or, going back to Nicklaus’ suggestion from the ’70’s that for the Ryder Cup to stay competitive and relevant, Great Britain should include players from continental Europe, maybe two years from now the name of the international team should forthwith be changed to: ‘Rest of the World or Anyone That Can Play Better Than This Lot.’
    Now, after the first US point on Sunday, I’ll be asking the wife “Honey, make mine a double Bloody Mary, and what channel is the Steelers game on..?”
    Cheers mates, enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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