The Toughest Thing About the Presidents Cup . . .

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. . . is being forced repeatedly to watch the PGA Tour’s guys-standing-in-line-with-pint-glasses-commercial for the Charles Schwab Cup. It would be bad enough if it were merely incomprehensible. I’ve gotten pretty fast at hitting the mute button when it comes on, but I will never be able to unsee Bernhard Langer’s leering grin.

3 thoughts on “The Toughest Thing About the Presidents Cup . . .

  1. The best way to watch non-masters golf these days is to set the DVR (for the main network and golf channel in case of spill over), get into a cone of silence (play 18 without looking at your phone), then come home at watch the recording using your 30 second skip button for the commercials. Usually an ungodly 8 presses per commercial break. You can watch 4 hours of “golf” coverage in under 2 hours.

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