Before You Watch That, Watch This From 2:00-3:00 EST on Saturday, immediately before the regular tournament broadcast, be sure to watch The Masters: Legends of Magnolia Lane, starring Bill Macatee, on CBS. (I helped write it and put it together.) There’s so much cool historical material about the tournament (of course) that we didn’t have room for everything. I was sorry to lose a couple of Jack Nicklaus’s reminiscences about his first Masters win, in 1963. (Maybe everybody else already knows these stories, but I hadn’t heard them.)

Nicklaus on his third round that year: “We got on the eighteenth green and Willie Peterson is my caddie and I’m color-blind, so I couldn’t tell whether it was red or green on the scoreboard. I kept looking up at the board. I saw all these ones and I said, ‘Willie,’ I said, ‘how many of those ones are red?’ He said, ‘Just you, Boss.'”

Nicklaus on throwing his hat in the air the next day, after winning: “I looked at that on film, and I said, ‘What an artificial move.’ You know, everybody always threw their hat, so I figured maybe I’ll throw my hat. You know, there wasn’t anything spontaneous about it. . . . I just said, ‘Well, I gotta do something.'”

And that’s just the stuff we left out!

3 thoughts on “Before You Watch That, Watch This

  1. Looks like good stuff David. Will be sure to watch.

    BTW, are you done with the Clifford Roberts piece? Might there be a book in the works about him?

    • Thanks, Lance. That Roberts stuff is actually mostly straight from my Masters book, The Making of the Masters–which of course I highly recommend, even though the current paperback edition (the print-on-demand kind) has crummy black-and-white photos instead of the original beautiful color ones. But I keep meaning to think about doing an updated edition, since it’s been almost twenty years (somehow).

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