Inauguration Day Special: My Night at Mar-a-Lago


purchase Ivermectin I spent one night at Mar-a-Lago back in 2012, after playing golf that afternoon with the man about to be sworn in as the President of the United States. At dinner that night, Trump served himself roughly a lobster and a half’s worth of shelled lobster claws and split lobster tails from the seafood buffet, then went back and for big plate of sweet-and-sour shrimp on rice. While we were having dessert, two giggly little girls from New Jersey, whose parents were part of a group from Trump’s golf club in Bedminster—“one of the richest places in the country”—came over to our table and asked Trump to dance. He said that he would dance with them in Bedminster. Then he asked them if they wanted to be supermodels when they grew up. (They said yes). Then he asked them to kiss him. (And they did.)

You can read a little more my Mar-a-Lago visit on the New Yorker’s website today. My New Yorker colleague Mark Singer, who has written a lot about Trump, including this book, emailed me recently: “Trump, standing on the lawn at Mar-a-Lago and hitting balls into the Intracoastal Waterway with a 3-iron, told me that Claude Harmon called him ‘the best weekend player’ he’d ever seen. Such an innocent time. . . . I suspect it won’t be during my lifetime when historians come up with a fully coherent explanation of how/why it came to this. I have no faith in my ability to predict what lies ahead; everything I thought I knew was mistaken.”

4 thoughts on “Inauguration Day Special: My Night at Mar-a-Lago

  1. David- will keep reading religiously anyway, but what happened to your relationship with Golf Digest? You and Sam Weinman (whom I remember from my days in Westchester Cty with Journal News) are my 2 favorite blogs on GD

    • Golf Digest has been shedding staffers and writers for several years. I survived a few culls, but not the most recent one. It’s hard times in the publishing world! Golf Digest hasn’t figured out how to make the transition to whatever the future is. The New Yorker has been much more successful at that, I think, although things are different there, too. Ah, the good old days. . .

  2. I am also curious as to Golf Digest relationship. I have been a fan since reading something about “hashish” and the Grateful Dead. I still hit it and hope !
    David, I once recommended placing coin ball markers with the eyes looking at the hole to ensure the putts drop.
    Hopefully, “It’s not the end of the world as we know it”

    • I not only remember your coin-placement technique–I faithfully use it! It’s clearly the way to mark a ball. Anyway, the good thing about a blog like this one is that nothing can go wrong with its “economics.”

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