Playing Golf With Donald Trump


buy tadalafil with priligy I’ve been slow about adding new posts to this blog, mainly because I’m no longer “in association with Golf Digest.” I’m not going to stop, but, after a little rest, I’m going to aim for something more like once a week. In the meantime, I’ve written an article for The New Yorker’s website¬†about a day I spent with Donald Trump back in 2012.

6 thoughts on “Playing Golf With Donald Trump

  1. Wait a second. You were the main reason I subscribed to “Golf Digest.” Idiots. At least you can now publish The Most Excellent Golf Blog in the World without having to cut off every post and say go to this effed up website because they are employing me.

    • The last few years have been tough for people who write about golf. Not many left! A friend of mine (who used to write abut golf) ran down a list of writers who’d recently been let go, and not just from newspapers but also from publications I would have thought were immune, like Sports Illustrated. Oh, well. On to the next!

  2. David, greetings from Ireland. You are my favourite thing on the web. Please keep writing as well as you always do about the game we love.

    • Thank you! I’ve been lazy recently (and my friends and I haven’t had many opportunities to play), but I’ll get back to it.

  3. Your writing was the first thing I turned to in Golf Digest and often the only thing I read.
    I’m no longer concerned that I just received, again, my LAST ISSUE!

    Please continue the fine work at myusualgame!

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