45-Hole Golf Complex Stays Open for 5 Golfers

good websites to buy clomid Our home greens are closed, so on Sunday four of us traveled a little over an hour to the east, to Tunxis Plantation Country Club, which has two eighteen-hole courses and one nine-hole course—all very nice, all completely open, carts available (although we didn’t use them), $35 walking. The parking lot was empty when we arrived, at 10:30. We teed off at 10:45 and were the only golfers on the entire property. The temperature was only 30 or 32, but there was no wind and the course was in terrific shape. I had brought some adjustable winter tees, which I picked up at the PGA Golf Merchandise Show in Orlando a few years ago:

P1110267They’re really meant to be used with mats on driving ranges, but they work pretty well on their own when you can’t get a regular tee into the ground. We didn’t need them, though, because the dirt was still semi-unfrozen.

Tim, Gary, Hacker (real name), Tunxis Plantation, December 8, 2013.

Tim, Gary, Hacker (real name), Tunxis Plantation, December 8, 2013.

On the eleventh hole, a single golfer caught up to us, and we let him play through (see below). On the previous hole, he had sunk a six-foot putt and made a fist pump, even though he was by himself and didn’t know I was watching. He hit a huge, perfect play-through drive, well past all of our drives, but then he shanked his second shot into the pine trees. That made us all feel better about his big drive.

P1110291Hacker and I were both testing some Clicgear pushcart mitts, which we had bought independently at exactly the same time:

P1110294They have Velcro straps, and they attach (as a single unit) to the handles of your pushcart, so that you can slide your (gloved) hands into them. Getting the thumbs in the right place takes a little work. Each side has a pocket for a chemical hand-warmer, although the pockets are slightly too small for chemical hand-warmers, we found—an odd design flaw. We liked them, though. On the sixteenth hole, Tim noticed this sign leaning against a tree:

Translation: we shoot cross-country skiers.

Translation: we shoot cross-country skiers.

We finished in three hours and had lunch at one of our favorite winter clubhouses, Flaggstead Smokehouse. They were out of brisket, but they still had my favorite: pulled rib meat. They were also offering a discount (see below). Only Hacker tried the voice (unsuccessfully), but they gave us the discount anyway, and when we left I bought a pound of pulled ribs and a big thing of beans, to take home.


11 thoughts on “45-Hole Golf Complex Stays Open for 5 Golfers

  1. David, thanks for the reminder that golf can and should be played on foot with friends and yes, sometimes in 32 degree weather (no wind).

  2. Had some winter tees myself last year – not the fancy adjustable ones mind you. They worked a treat on the frozen ground until I played a hole with a frozen pond in front of the tee……..I guess they eventually fell through when the ice melted in the middle of the pond

    • I once played winter golf with a guy who was so cheap he would have crawled onto quarter-inch-thick ice to recover an X-out.

    • Played with a guy who always used a rubber mat tee (regardless of the season). Had it tied to a heavy-duty washer to keep it from flying off (and on to frozen ponds).

      • The seniors at our club tend to a similar thing with the washer. I believe some of them also attach their winter tees to a piece of elastic which returns the tee to their pockets immediately after the shot. These are the guys who share half a glass of water in the clubhouse after the game as well….if one of them will stretch to a water in the first place.

  3. Glad to see others still play at this time of the year!! We just played in tops 30 degree weather and likewise were the only foursome on the course. I’d suggest an icepick to make a hole for your tee the next time too (works great and fits in the Clicgear storage area).

  4. I was going to buy one of those fancy tees but I was afraid I’d snap the plastic screw-in. Then I found driving range-type tees on EBay that let you slip a regular tee inside them. Combined with the set of Chinese rubber cup tees I got last year I’m all set. I lost my icepick last winter but that was only good when the ground was only partially frozen.

    By the way, sure enough, the day the new tee arrived was the first day of big snow here.

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