Extra-Handicap-Stroke-for-Shorts Rule Now in Effect

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http://antihousewife.com/page/7/ The Sunday Morning Group gives an extra handicap stroke to anyone who wears shorts after November 1. My first grandchild—Alice Calbraith O’Keefe, shown above—was born November 2, just in time to qualify, assuming diapers count. The first Sunday in November was very cold and very windy, but several guys took advantage of the rule, including Fritz, on the left in the photo below.

P1100176The red plastic cup contains beer from one of our two new Kegerators. Hacker (real name) has planned a Kegerator-emptying party for this coming weekend. Guests welcome.

While S.M.G. was in session last weekend, eight of us were busy defeating our No. 2 Enemy Club in our annual two-day home-and-home match. My partner on Sunday was Corey, our pro, shown below, who did not wear shorts. (The matches were played at scratch, so there was nothing to gain.) Corey’s fiance is from Thailand. Before moving to the United States, last month, she had never felt weather colder than 58 degrees. She’s still playing golf, though, unlike some people I could mention. And we give two extra strokes for shorts after December 1.P1100178

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