Unfinished Business: Neckties on TV Golf Commentators

Nothing about this man's attire has anything to do with golf.

Wai Nothing about this man’s attire has anything to do with golf.

http://livingriver.eu/?m=202003 A few months ago, I wrote a blog post in which I pointed out the ridiculousness of dressing TV golf commentators in jackets and ties. Yet they’re still wearing them. How many times do I have to complain about this before someone does something about it?



5 thoughts on “Unfinished Business: Neckties on TV Golf Commentators

  1. At least Notah is working a good knot, possibly a” Double Windsor”,
    Tim’s knot is a bit askew. As far as the ties go, must be a right wing
    Republican thing.

    • I like seeing the golf commentators looking sharp in their coats and ties. The commentators for basketball, baseball, football and hockey dress like professionals in their ties. It shows a level of respect for the game and for the fans,

  2. Interesting.. I have also written two e-mail “comments” to CBS Sports pointing out that Gary McCord is an idiot, who is frequently WRONG and has NOTHING OF VALUE to add to any golf tournament. Yet, he is still apparently still earning a paycheck and still making inane mouoth-noises on microphone.

  3. I’ve contacted the PGA Tour several times respectfully asking that Tim Finchem be taken out back and shot. Still no response. Best of luck with the tie thing, though.

  4. I agree with Steve B. I personally hate to go to the trouble and expense of dressing in a suit and tie, and when I do I don’t look as sharp as these guys, who presumably have wardrobe departments and stylists to keep them GQ-worthy. So I’m prepared to relax and enjoy the male of the species in full plumage.

    And I have to take issue with your comment, “Nothing about this man’s attire has anything to do with golf.”

    Is that really the standard? Does a suit and tie have anything more to do with football or baseball than it does with golf? (I leave out basketball, where the coaches where suits and ties.) Golf, at its most rarefied levels, has swank clubhouses, where on certain occasions you will see members in suits and ties.

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