My Sixth Pair of True Linkswear Golf Shoes!

True Linkswear Chukka.

inimitably True Linkswear Chukka. My one reservation about my beloved True Linkswear golf shoes is that, even though almost all the models are waterproof, the shoes’ low profile makes them vulnerable in wet grass. The company’s new Chukkas, shown above, have eliminated that issue, by lifting their gunwales to ankle-bone height. If you’re the sort of middle-aged male golfer who dreams of seducing the beverage-cart girl, don’t wear them with shorts. But, if you own long pants and don’t stay home when the weather turns lousy, they’re great, as I proved to myself in Brooklyn last weekend. And they bring my personal True collection to six pairs.


8 thoughts on “My Sixth Pair of True Linkswear Golf Shoes!

  1. Obvious, blatant consumerism and a show of how much you make for stupid articles such as this… stick to human interest stories.

  2. C’mon David– Not fair to put that image of Chukka’s and shorts in our heads without getting your camera out. If you can’t con one of your other True wearing buddies into wandering out in the Connecticut snow in shorts and Chukka’s then you need to embarrass yourself. I wonder if True would send you any more shoes if you posted a picture of yourself with Chukkas, your famous tube socks and shorts.

  3. Maybe if Mr. Owen converted this to a subscription based blog, threw in a few pop up ads and required me to view a 30 second infomercial to access the site, he wouldn’t have to stoop to such blatant consumerism.

    Nice shoes, by the way!

  4. I bought a pair of these (Pro’s, not Chukkas). I found them extremely comfortable but thought I was having water-proofing problems. Looking back, I think the problem was caused not by failure of the shoe but by the failure of the designers to account for water wicking down through the liner to the sole when playing in long wet rough (where I seem to spend sooo much of my time). I think True Linkswear is based in Arizona, where they probably don’t get much AM dew to test in.

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