These are the Best Golf Shoes, and I’m Not Kidding

how to buy Pregabalin online The True Linkswear golf shoes of Tony, David O., Tim-o, & Tim. Royal Portrush Golf Club, Northern Ireland, April, 2012.

order generic neurontin Among the hits of last year’s PGA Golf Merchandise Show were some unusual golf shoes, made by True Linkswear. They look a little like Earth Shoes and a little like Crocs: the front end is wide, allowing your toes to spread out the way they do when you walk barefoot, and there’s almost no heel. A teaching pro who now works for the company told me, “It took me a week to get over it, visually.” But golfers learn to love the look, he said, and are often able to throw away their orthotics, like crutches at a revival meeting. (It’s also possible that True Linkswear shoes promote a slightly better swing, by making it harder for you to lean over your toes.) The company’s reps brought 300 pairs to Orlando but had to stop selling them after just a few hours because they were running out of samples. By the time I got to the booth, they no longer had a pair in my size, but the ones I tried on—which were half a size too small—were still the most comfortable golf shoes I’d ever worn. I now own four pairs.

I took two of those pairs to Ireland this month, along with some New Balance walking shoes. I figured that the walking shoes would be good for après-golf—but I was wrong about that, because by comparison with my golf shoes they felt like army boots. I wore the walking shoes when we went out to dinner our first evening in Ireland but left them in the car after that, and wore only my golf shoes. And I never felt even a twinge, despite the fact that, according to Tim-o’s Fitbit Ultra, we walked between eighteen and twenty-two miles a day (while playing 36 holes and searching for balls among the dunes). And I wore my Trues on the flight home, too.

I wasn’t the only True believer on the trip: Tony, Tim-o, Tim, and I all wore them, in various models and colors—as you can see in the photo above.That’s four of the seven golfers on the group. And Jack wore FootJoy Contour Casuals, which look and feel like sneakers and which he also didn’t bother to take off. It’s now hard for me to believe that golfers ever played in shoes that had stiff soles and metal spikes and had to be broken in.

I’ve retired my original pair of Trues from active golf duty, but I wear them when I work in the yard, walk the dog, and wander through the woods. I’d wear them in the house, too, if I ever wore shoes in the house. And a day will come, I predict, when I will own no other shoes.

Brendan icing a foot rubbed raw by a week of links golf in conventional golf shoes. Cullen Golf Club, Scotland, May, 2008.

14 thoughts on “These are the Best Golf Shoes, and I’m Not Kidding

  1. Amen — my two pairs of the original True’s, or should I call them classics, were a godsend (my feet cringe at the prospect of having done what we did in a more traditional golf shoe). I don’t expect to be changing golf shoe brands anytime soon.


  2. 100% agree David! Love my True Links. I no longer have sore feet from walking in shoes that are too stiff.

  3. Agreed. I’m a walker. I bought a month ago, I now own two pair and will likely buy more. Now, what to do with my Tour 360’s, Ecco leather shoes, Ecco/Freddy style, Addidas Sport, etc… and the six other pairs I bought in an attempt to find shoes that wouldn’t hurt my feet walking 18.

    The Tours really do feel like slippers in the grass.

    • They feel like flip-flops with uppers. Or like hobbit feet. I just played in a quick nine in some old Nike shoes that were in the back of my car, and I felt almost excited when I noticed that part of the sole had become very slightly detached on one of them, so that I could justify throwing them away.

  4. These shoes are amazing. I’ve always wanted a shoe that I felt connected to the ground in with excellent traction and I never imagined i’d get it in a “spikeless” shoe. Boy was I wrong. One round in my truetours and I was dumping my $300 Adidas shoes and not thinking twice about it.

  5. 2 pairs later and I’m never going back to anything else. They’re ridiculously comfortable and you can’t find a better group of guys running a company in the golf industry.

  6. Have played four rounds with my 2012 True Tours. After the first day, put them on at home and wore them ’til I came back home. No problem driving in them, no need to yank them off the minute I finished playing to give my dogs a rest.

    Has actually help my drives, as I’m more comfortable sitting down on my swing, instead of launching off my toes, which I often do with “normal” golf shoes.

    I did find that size 9.5 fit better than my normal size 10 – which I usually by more for the extra width. The Tour toe box makes that unnecessary.

  7. I just got my first pair delivered today. I ordered them because of this article! The certainly passed the living room test. Looking forward to go out and play in them.

  8. Like an earlier comment now I’ve got my Trues there is no need for my other 5 pairs of others. My wife thinks its great as they are all I wear now – she is of course unaware of the plan to buy more!!! Nothing wrong with men colour co-ordinating is there????

  9. I just found this blog in the last month and became intrigued with True’s. I went out on a limb and bought a pair of the True Proto’s and absolutely love them. I’ve walked 18 in them three times in the last week and have never had a pair of shoes that are as comfortable out of the box as the Proto’s. I am a bit of a golf shoe nut who currently has the Ecco Street Premier, 2 pair Adidas ATV, Nike Lunar Control, and Nike Lunar Ascends in the trunk of my car. The True’s have immediately become my favorite – thanks for spreading the word.

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