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Kobuleti Austin had to leave after nine holes, so we needed a five-man game for the second nine. Hacker (real name) invented one on the spot: Double Skins, in which there can be as many as two skins on each hole. The easiest way to explain is with examples:

If, on any hole, two players tie for the low net score and everyone else does worse, those two players each win a skin. (If Players A and B make a net 3 and everyone else has a net 4 or worse, then Players A and B win one skin each.)

If, on any hole, one player makes the lowest net score and one player makes the second lowest net score and everyone else does worse, the two low players each win one skin. (This time, Player A has a net 3 and Player B has a net 4 and everyone else has a net 5 or worse, and,once again, Players A and B win one skin each.)

If, on any hole, one player makes the lowest net score and two or more players tie for the second lowest net score, only the player with the lowest net score wins a skin, because the maximum number of skins available on any hole is two.

If, on any hole, three players tie with the lowest net score, no one wins a skin.


Got it? One excellent feature of Double Skins is that it keeps more players interested longer. For example, on No. 12, a par-three, we all hit crummy tee shots, and then only Rick managed to chip close. He made a gimme par, which was good for a skin—but all the other balls still mattered, because a second skin was also at stake, potentially. And, as it happened, I made what turned out to be the only bogey, because everyone else was overly aggressive in trying to match Rick’s 3 and ended up three-putting . So I got a skin, too—through the back door, as it were.


We played one-dollar-per-skin, no carryovers and no Gillens, with the proviso that if anyone ended up owing more than five dollars the skin value would be cut until he owed less. Result: Gary got four skins, and the rest of us each got two, so the four losers each gave Gary two dollars.


2 thoughts on “New Golf Game: Double Skins

  1. Good stuff as always. Still would love to see a WITB from your group..especially you and Hacker (real name).

    Merry Christmas and Happy New (golfing) Year

  2. “What’s In My Bag” is on my list, and I’ll do it soon–and Hacker’s, too. I’d love to do yours as well, and make it a regular feature. I’ll ask for submissions when I finally get around to it, and then I’ll archive all of them on a permanent page. WITB is always my favorite thing in the magazine (and reading it is much less dangerous than reading the instruction articles).

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