Beer-Related Golf Infrastructure


You can’t drink beer at the golf course if you can’t open the bottle. The Sunday Morning Group has two built-in bottle openers right on the beer-drinking patio, next to the clubhouse. One opener is attached to a fence post (see above—and note the flower pot, for catching caps); the other is attached to the Superintendent’s Chair (see below). The Superintendent’s Chair is where the superintendent always sits, unless he doesn’t feel like it or someone else is sitting there already.

Also, as backup, every member who played in this year’s member-guest has a belt with a beer-opener buckle (see below). Word to the wise: stand up before opening a beer with your belt. (If you’d like your own beer-opener belt—and what normal golfer wouldn’t?—you can order it here.)

Tap-Cap belt, by Bison Designs, proud sponsor of the Sunday Morning Group (or vice versa).

4 thoughts on “Beer-Related Golf Infrastructure

  1. heard this one just yesterday…..for you beer-in-a-can-cart-riding folks. Put a dent in your can with your thumb just below the pop-top opening hole and your beer won’t slosh out while the cart hits those bumps.

  2. Many players carry a bottle opener in their golf bag that they may not even know is there: Ping Anser putters (or any of the knockoffs of the design) are excellent bottle openers. Just use insert the bottle top into the cavity back underneath the top-line of the putter and lever the bottle top right off!

  3. Excellent, excellent, excellent comments. And golfers carry another emergency opener: almost any green repair tool (plus patience).

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