Golf Innovation: Slow-Play Workaround There’s a birdhouse near the ninth tee at my home course, and if you’re stuck behind slowpokes you can use it to pass the time. A hundred points for chipping a ball through the opening, five for hitting any part of the birdhouse, one for hitting the treeā€”or whatever. That’s Addison in the photos above and below, and, as you can see, he has the kind of short game you need to excel in this game. Tony had the idea of putting a dollar in the birdhouse each time you play, winner take all.

I learned another slow-course game from Reese, who is Addison’s father. It’s called Poison. Each person in your group, in turn, uses his driver to chip a ball from one tee marker to the other. (If you hit it, you get to go again.) Once you’ve hit it, you chip back to the other tee marker, and once you’ve hit that one your ball becomes poison and you can eliminate other players by hitting their ball with yours. There’s more strategy than you would think, especially once multiple balls have become poison. Suggestion: assign someone to keep an eye on the group ahead, so that your slow-play solution doesn’t become part of the problem.

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  1. We don’t have many rules at our club. 1. Respect others and the course. 2. Be inclusive. 3. Play fast. 4. Bring enough cash to pay your bets on the day you make them. One of the few formal rules is that your membership can be suspended for a month for slow play by you or your guests. As a result, it never occurred to me to find something to do on the tee other than figure out another wager or stick a peg in the ground. It is one of the few places I have ever seen a 6-some play through a 2-some.

  2. First just ran across your site and must let you know what a pleasure it is to read it. Great enjoyment and fun. Keep up the great work

    I play the game you call poison but we call it squares. I have no idea why squares but that is it name for us Great way to pass time during a slow round

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