Is Tiger Too Old? Hogan before he was Hogan: Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan at the 1942 Masters, the last before the war. Note the grip on Hogan's driver. Also, of course, the cigarette.

ingenuously People who think Tiger Woods is too old to dominate golf again should consider the career of Ben Hogan. At the time of the Masters in 1948, the year he turned 36—the age Woods is now—eight of his nine majors and a third of his tour victories still lay ahead of him, as did the automobile accident that nearly ended his life.

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  1. Concerning Tiger, I believe that he can win some more Majors. Tiger has had three golf coaches, the first one B. Harmon, undoubtely the best was choosen by Earl Woods a wise decision; the other two were choosen by Tiger himself two mistakes in a row; all he has to do right now is to go back to the best, period. In no more than three months he will come back to the old Tiger.

  2. Great blog you’ve got here, David. Very refreshing stuff, it’s a nice distraction to pilfer through some of your excellent work.

    Regarding Tiger…. he most certainly isn’t too old. What he does have going against him, however, are actually two things imo.

    (1) his knee – the most pressing matter obviously. Every couple of years it seems that it morphs into a partial season-ending issue, and despite the advancements in medical science – at some point the knee no longer functions. This, I do think, will present some challenges as it relates to Jack’s record.

    (2) his putting. There has never been a more clutch putter in the history of the sport than Tiger, but we’ve seen his struggles the past couple of years on the greens that (to me) stand out much more so than his struggles with his golf swing. He putted very well at Bay Hill earlier this year, and there were positive signs that he’s slowly getting his stroke back for sure. That said, it’s not out of the norm for players to lose confidence in putting as they approach their 40’s. We’ve seen that with Mickelson, Goosen, Furyk, etc. Obviously there are rare exceptions, but the hole tends to shrink for most players as they move into the latter stages of their careers.

    Tiger could be the exception regarding the putter, but the knee problem, I think, will have the final say. Otherwise I’d have no issue believing that he’s got 4-5 majors left in his career, maybe a few more to boot.

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