You Could Win This Contest! Over the weekend, I tied for fourth in the Mega Millions lottery. That is to say, I finished ahead of all the suckers who bought tickets (except for the three who get to split $640 million). I’m still kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing. I hope I don’t squander my windfall on something dumb!

buy Lyrica belfast In the meantime, here’s a contest you could actually win. It’s sponsored by Sun Mountain, the company that makes the golf pushcart I use. A month ago, in a post called Pimp My Ride, I described some enhancements I’d made to my cart, including the addition of a Lego shim, which prevents my laser rangefinder from interfering with the door of the cart’s storage compartment, and a Lego divider, which prevents my extensive collection of scorecard pencils from falling into the place where I keep my rangefinder (see photo below). Sun Mountain was so utterly blown away by what I had done that they decided to give people who aren’t me a chance to win some cool stuff for doing the same kind of thing.

Do you own a pushcart that you have customized in some way? If you do, you should follow the contest’s instructions, and submit photos and a description to Sun Mountain, by way of the company’s Facebook page. You have until April 15, 2012.

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