9 thoughts on “U.S. Job-creation, Trump-style

  1. come on David- I know you are a lefty and I love you anyway I can separate your politics and enjoy your awesome blog. Let Trump bask in the glow from his triumphant speech last night. Even NYT gave him some positive press. PS see you in Oct in AC with Hacker and the boys

  2. I agree with you Christopher. I have loved David’s blog for years, but the his political slant is starting to really get to me. To the point I might stop reading it. David, this is a blog about golf not politics. If you are so interested in spewing your thoughts, perhaps you should change who you write for.

  3. Leaked from the desk of David Owen:

    “A number of readers have noted with fully justified alarm several recent departures from acceptable behavior at this golf blog..

    …Restoring decorum and an appropriately high degree of respect for the views of others will require more than my own resolve, but I can promise you that it too, will be done.”

  4. Don’t listen to the naysayers. This is your space to write. Loved it before, read all the books, and don’t mind a racist being called out. Keep it up. Look forward to the golf content when spring arrives for you too.

  5. David,
    Do you get paid to post anything here?? No, then you keep up posting what is on your mind!!
    Feel free to write about any hypocrite you want! I’ll keep reading!!
    And if you ever need a 4th – I’m not far away!

  6. Now that Mr. Owen is no longer being paid by Golf Digest, I would think he could write whatever the heck he wants on his own site. And anybody who is still defending Donald Trump at this moment is not anybody I would ever want to play golf with or call a friend, so maybe the apologies should be yours. Because frankly your support of a racist, pussy-grabbing, homophobic, antisemitic debtor to the Russian mob is offensive to many people, and it’s only going to become more so as this administration spirals further down the tubes.

  7. Keep on keepin’ on, David. Trump’s promise to “buy American” is like every other promise he’s made during the campaign. Empty promises from an empty suit.

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