If You Use a Pushcart (and You Should), You Need This Brilliant Accessory

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http://columbuscameragroup.com/nikon-d100/ Most of my friends now play with pushcarts—a great relief for shoulders, backs, and knees. The only challenge comes at the end of the round, when you have to put the thing back in your car:

Richard Hunt—a reader and honorary member of the Sunday Morning Group—has the solution. He writes:

“I was in the parking lot after a fall round at Van Cortlandt, in the Bronx — our nation’s oldest public golf course, founded in 1895 — and I was scraping goose turds from the grooves in my cart tires with a tee, and cursing, when a guy across the lot opened his trunk and pulled out a gargantuan laundry bag. It took me a minute to realize the genius: the bag contained his Sun Mountain Speed Cart.”

Richard immediately bought a gargantuan laundry bag of his own, from Amazon, for less than the price of a sleeve of balls. They come in lots of colors:


As a result, the trunk of his car looks like something you wouldn’t be ashamed to open for an agent from the Department of Homeland Security:


My current pushcart—a Big Max Blade+—actually came with a bag. And it’s padded!


Rick, an S.M.G. regular, saw my bag and devised a solution of his own, an enormous Williams-Sonoma shopping bag. (They give you one free if you order 100 pounds of peppermint bark.)


Or you could try this:


4 thoughts on “If You Use a Pushcart (and You Should), You Need This Brilliant Accessory

  1. I wish I had thought of this, I received a Bag Boy Dirt Bag for Christmas and will need to at least try it before switching. Richard is very resourceful, in the manner of most SMG members.

  2. Great idea on the bag… Here’s an Additional idea: Push the cart over to the golf cart cleaning area and ask to borrow their hose. Wash off mud and goose doo, fold it up, and lug over the shoulder back to trunk.. Now it goes clean into the bag!

  3. Nate, you have the right idea. The duck, goose, turds will start to stink pretty soon. It needs to be cleaned off before pudding cart into bag. That stuff will start to stink In the bag. But I do admit the bag is a great idea.

    • Steve and Nate: You’re both right. Also useful: those compressed-air hose things for cleaning off shoes. My course doesn’t have one, but my brother’s does. We played there on Christmas Eve (in shorts and short-sleeve shirts) and cleaning our pushcarts with the air gun was so satisfying that we almost didn’t want to stop. And the air gun dries as well as cleans — a big plus.

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