A Simple Trick to Speed up Play

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http://crochet247.com/?x=85191206689706 Most golfers are wussies when it comes to bad weather, even if they own lots of expensive bad-weather gear. There was a huge storm overnight in my area not long ago, and even though the rain had stopped by noon the next day hardly anyone played, except for my friends and me. The reason was that there was still a little rain in the forecast, and that threat was apparently enough to make everyone else stay home and clean out their garage. As a result, we played all eighteen holes without human interference—and in perfect conditions:


Afterwards, I got to thinking: couldn’t this quirk of human nature be put to some practical use? What I decided to do is create a free service that will send a next-day weather forecast, every evening, to all the other members of my club. The forecast will be accurate, except for days when my friends and I are planning to play, when it will include at least one of these:


I might put a big red exclamation mark in there, too.


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