I Wish My Favorite Golf Shoes Didn’t Leak

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http://rodneymills.com/cbnypkr6/canciones-tradicionales-de-nicaragua.html I learned about True Linkswear golf shoes at the PGA Golf Merchandise Show in 2011. The pair I tried on at the show was too small—the company’s reps had sold out of my size—but they were still the most comfortable golf shoes I’d ever worn. I now have a dozen pairs, and I wear them even when I’m not playing golf, and many of my friends have switched to them, too. Tim even bought a True golf bag:


My only beef, until now, has been that the pairs I own that are supposed to be waterproof aren’t really—and other golfers who wear and love Trues have told me the same thing. My favorite model ever is one they don’t sell anymore, called “lyt/dry,” which I wear in preference to other shoes even when I’m not playing golf. They are definitely lyt but they’ve never been truly dry, even though the word “waterproof” is printed right on the side:


I’ve dealt with that issue by wearing wool socks when I play in the rain or when the grass is wet, and I’ve dried wet pairs between rounds by using the hairdryer in my hotel room, and I’ve persevered because even when my Trues were leaking they were way more comfortable than any other golf shoes I’ve ever worn. But during the Sunday Morning Group’s recent golf trip to Atlantic City my latest pair, called True motion, didn’t just leak — they basically came apart:


Now, True doesn’t claim that motions are waterproof, and this particular pair had been in my golf-shoe rotation for more than a year. Still, we were playing in dew, not rain, and I had subjected them, cumulatively, to less wear and tear than I have to my very first pair of Trues, which is four and a half years old and which I still walk the dog in. Yet they didn’t hold up:


I complained to the company, and a representative assured me that a new model coming in early 2016, called True elements, will really and truly be “breathable & waterproof.” And I hope he’s right, because even when they’re wet I really, really love these shoes.

9 thoughts on “I Wish My Favorite Golf Shoes Didn’t Leak

    • I have one pair of chukkas that leak, and one pair that leak only a little. I think they’ve had trouble with consistent quality as well as with waterproofing. But they don’t make the chukkas that you and I have anymore.

  1. Same experience with my “Lyt/Drys” super comfy but definitely not dry. My quest for a comfortable, stylish and genuinely waterproof golf shoe continues…

    • Barney, whose feet drive him crazy, has been wearing a pair of Ashworths that he really likes and says are genuinely waterproof. I just bought a pair myself. They arrived today–I’ll test them on Sunday.

  2. Same story here David. 18 in the morning of the state mid am and my shoes and socks weighed 100 pounds. 18 more that afternoon and I could barely pick my feet up. My pair coming apart at the same spot as the ones in your photograph. I assume you are just a company shill and not also in charge of company refunds. They are comfy for sure, but I won’t wear them when it is wet. Even dew on the course leaves me with wet socks. :0)
    Will I buy another pair? Not until I get the go ahead from you.

  3. Same problem here. Comfortable yes, waterproof no. Sent back a pair, got another, same problem. The rep at True told me that they never have complaints about leaking. I bought a pair of lyt-Drys hoping they’d be better but it looks like they’ll be a problem as well (haven’t worn them yet). I find that all shoes leak after a month or so. Now I’m on to trying New Balance shoes, which are very light and comfortable, at least in the shop.

    Oh FootJoy, why did you stop making Gel Fusions?

    • I have a feeling that lots of claims about golf equipment depend on the fact that most golfers don’t play very often, and take carts when they do play, and never play in bad weather if they can help it. So they’re sort of like a friend of mine who told me he didn’t actually know whether he was faithful to his wife or not. “I assume I am,” he said, “but it’s never come up.”

      • The whole “two year waterproof” guarantee seems based on that. One round every couple of weeks, daytime, carts. That’s about a month for me and my dewsweeper buddies.

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