Why Isn’t the Men’s Member-Guest on TV?

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where can i buy disulfiram online I wish the Golf Channel would drop the Champions Tour and broadcast my club’s member-guest tournament instead. Wouldn’t you watch? Among other reasons, there’s way more drama and beer, and the spectators are appreciative:


The putting is less tedious, especially after dark:


Protracer was practically made for it:


The player endorsements are more persuasive, because you know the players really do use they products they promote:


There are always plenty of refreshments:


We get pizza during the putting contest:


Faster foursomes are allowed to play through:


There are moments of high drama—like when the pro has to explain to a member who didn’t read her email that the course is closed all weekend, except for participants:


And you see shots the pros won’t even try:



2 thoughts on “Why Isn’t the Men’s Member-Guest on TV?

  1. David, you may have well stumbled upon a new reality format for GC. I would venture to say it would be of more interest (at least to me) that eXtreme golf.

    Each week the GC would visit a club and shows a member guest, or weekly golf group (Sunday Morning Group for you) or some other event based activity.

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