My Latest (and Therefore Favorite) New Golf-Travel Accessory

buy disulfiram canada eBags, one of a select group of companies for which I am an unpaid shill, makes my favorite carry-on bag, my favorite laptop backpack, my favorite packing accessories, and, now, my favorite travel toiletry case—all with lifetime warranties: packitflat

It’s called the eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit. There’s tons of room inside, yet it folds almost as flat as a tee shirt, so it’s easy to cram into an overstuffed suitcase. And it has a hook, which you can use to hang it next to the sink in a hotel bathroom. That’s especially convenient if the hotel bathroom is so small that you would otherwise be in danger of knocking your toothbrush into the toilet:


(The spoon next to the deodorant isn’t for cough medicine. It’s for when I buy a pint of Cherry Garcia at Wawa after a hard day of golf, and don’t want to ask for a spoon. The zipper to the right of the toothpaste opens an extension that adds a couple of inches of storage space.)

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