Is This the Ideal Lunch for a Golfer?

Al Kūt One reason my golf club is the best golf club in the world, as I may have mentioned previously, is that we don’t have a restaurant. Our clubhouse has a kitchen, and there’s a grill in the executive parking lot, outside the men’s room, but members don’t have to pay a food minimum, and we don’t have a clubhouse dining room where our wives don’t like to eat. On Sunday mornings, we take turns bringing cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and chips for everyone, and everyone brings whatever they want to drink, and that’s it. Almost everyone almost always eats both a cheeseburger and a hot dog—and because they do it occurred to me that we could further streamline our lunch operation by combining those two elements, the way they do at Wimpy’s, in England:

wimpy mega burgerI saw that sign in Southport during a golf buddies trip in 2010. The price may have gone up since then, but the concept is strong. Here’s a Mega Burger that hasn’t been dressed up by a food stylist:

Ignore the fries. We don't have those.

Ignore the fries. We don’t have those.

The ideal thing, I guess, would be to get the potato chips in there, too, under the bun. There’s room, because, although the hot-dog part looks like a disk, it’s actually a ring. I assume that someone is working on that.

wimpy and popeyeYou may have wondered why the characters in old Popeye cartoons are always sort of babbling under their breath (assuming you wasted your youth on TV cartoons, as I did). The reason is that the animation was done before the soundtrack was recorded, and the vocal performers had to fill in the gaps with muttering. (Cartoons aren’t made that way nowadays.) Here’s an example:

5 thoughts on “Is This the Ideal Lunch for a Golfer?

  1. They serve one of these called The Harf and Harf at the Halibut Point Restaurant in Gloucester MA, been years since I’ve had one, might just be time again. Hope they have a defibrillator on site.

  2. On the flip side, have you ever had a cheeseburger dog? The course I grew up caddying at had them at the halfway house. My fellow caddies and I looked forward to those for fuel for the back nine. A few of them were so obsessed that they talked to the supplier and bought a box for the two of them (they were neighbors who are practically brothers).

    If you have no clue what I’m referring to, a simple Google search will give you an idea.

    • At this very moment, I am in Kansas City, which is not only where I grew up but also, I believe, the home of Mannaise, mayonnaise for men. And I assume that Neil Hawley is related to Adam Hawley, the inventor. In addition, I lived down the street from one bunch of Hawleys, and I just got back from the Steamboat Arabia Museum, which was co-founded by another bunch of Hawleys. I think that, ASAP, I’d better buy a jar of Mannaise and a lottery ticket.

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