A Golfer’s Dream House, at a Very Deep Discount

Maych’ew IMG_0861Edwin Watts Golf Shops filed for bankruptcy last year, and the company was later bought by Worldwide Golf Enterprises, which operates a number of similar chains, among them Golf Mart and Golfers’ Warehouse. Worldwide will keep the Edwin Watts brand, but it’s closing a number of the old stores outright. I saw one of those in Orlando over the weekend. (I was in the area on a Golf Digest assignment.) Most of the decent golf stuff had sold already—there weren’t many gloves left between ladies’ extra-small and men’s extra large, for example—but some of the other merchandise was intriguing.

Twin Falls IMG_0848-001

They were selling almost everything, including waste baskets and coffee makers, and I realized that a lot of the stuff would look good in my house. For example, the fitting room ($1,200) contained a bench and a full-length mirror, and would make a cool personal locker room. It was quite spacious inside, yet it wasn’t so huge that it would overwhelm, say, the piano in our living room:

IMG_0863I store my old golf clubs in old golf bags in my attic and garage, but if I had a couple of these display units ($125 each) I could keep them out in the open, where people would be able to see them:

IMG_0859For the walls, there were many choices, at a range of price points. For example, art:

IMG_0854Plus more utilitarian stuff—although I don’t mean to suggest that “useful” necessarily means “unattractive”:

IMG_0855Anyway, my problem was that I was flying home the next day, and I was already pushing the limit on carry-on luggage. I was tempted, though. Don’t you think your golf shirts would look cooler hanging on these?


5 thoughts on “A Golfer’s Dream House, at a Very Deep Discount

  1. David, you are a lucky man. If you had bought any of that junk home you would have either been divorced, homeless or dead by now!

    • The fitting room would have made an at-home penalty box for Ann. You know how goalies are…

      David, feel free to run with this idea – I want no credit.

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