A Golfer’s Bucket List: No. 7

Foster City 15

Wolfen Make a hole-in-one, hit a 300-yard drive, reach a par-5 in two, drive a short par‑4, shoot your age, make a natural eagle, make a natural birdie—or achieve some other personal best that you aren’t likely to repeat. I once hit a good drive on a par-5 on a course whose name you would recognize in an instant. I asked my caddie how far I had left to the pond in front of the green, intending to lay up, and he gave me a fierce look that translated roughly as, “Are you so bored with life that you are willing to squander what may be the only opportunity you may ever have to duplicate the Shot Heard Round the World?” Chastened, I chose a fairway wood, made a good swing, and put my ball on the green. I didn’t make a double eagle, an eagle, or a birdie, and I almost didn’t make a par, but the caddie was right, of course. Nobody on his deathbed ever consoled himself with memories of hitting the fat part of the green in three.

3 thoughts on “A Golfer’s Bucket List: No. 7

  1. I have a good friend who has traveled to play the links courses in the British Isles many times. While there whenever he is confronted with the question of whether to lay up on a tough shot or not his stock answer is, “I didn’t travel 4000 miles across an ocean just to lay up.” Similar sentiments.

  2. Pebble, St. Andrews, Royal County Down, Driven a 4, on in 2 on a 5, natural eagle, natural albatross (par 5), natural birdie.. all checked off the Golf bucket list. Since I’m 52, I can wait a bit to shoot my age. The elusive “Ace” has been my bugaboo for 42 years of playing. Pin clangers, flag wrappers, lip outs, bounce outs, roll overs, peek ins, etc… Once had a lip out roll up a slight hill, then roll back and lip out AGAIN! I’ve given up worrying about it. BUT I WANT ONE!!!!!

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