Let’s Take a Closer Look at Larry David’s Golf Warm-Up Routine

http://livingriver.eu/?p=224 P1080271 On the day the Secret Service searched my golf bag—at Farm Neck Golf Club, on Martha’s Vineyard—I also watched Larry David warming up on the driving range. The photo above (you will recall) shows the first part of his routine. And here’s the second part: P1080267 Several readers have asked how these warm-up components are connected. With graceful swoops? With tiny hops? With deep knee bends? Showing is easier than describing, and, I’m happy to say, I shot some video. Here’s what it looks like fully assembled:

order Ivermectin mastercard I also took some more pictures of the Secret Service, because my wife, our daughter, her husband, and I ran into the President’s entourage again, that night in Oak Bluffs, where we had also gone to dinner. I recognized some of the guys from the golf course. The ones on the balcony (across the street from the Sweet Life Cafe, where the adult Obamas were eating) were unzipping their “golf bag.” The guys with the untucked shirts are Secret Service agents.


This morning, Tim-o and his daughters came over from Wood’s Hole. Their ferry was escorted by two Coast Guard boats with machine guns mounted at the bow. Every time a non-Coast Guard boat came within a couple of hundred yards of the ferry, Tim-o said, one of the Coast Guard boats would zoom ahead to shoo it away.

coast guard

5 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Closer Look at Larry David’s Golf Warm-Up Routine

  1. If they are secret service’s agents, why do you post their pictures?!
    You should not be allowed, or at least you should be intelligent enough not doing it.

    • If they considered photographs a problem, they would ask people not to take them. These are guys who wear badges and drive black SUVs that have antennas on the roof and windows that look like obsidian, so they’re not “undercover.” We saw three of them at a doughnut place in Vineyard Haven this morning. They were quite friendly, and I suspect that being conspicuous is one of the ways they keep bad people away.

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