Black Friday Special: Still More Holiday Gift Ideas for Golfers Not many shopping days left. Here are some more gift ideas from the Golf Digest Time Machine.

This ad is from almost exactly fifty-five years ago. Even then, selling these would have been a slow way to get rich. There’s still a Rome Paper Company, although it’s in Georgia, not Indiana. Among its many products: a “germ-shaped stress reliever” (not suitable for children under three).

Golf umbrellas, transparent or otherwise, strike me as more trouble than they’re worth, but some people like them. If you forget to take yours on a golf trip to Scotland or Ireland, you can usually find one or two inside-out ones in the trashcan on the second tee of whatever course you’re playing in the rain.

A golf bag that’s also a chair, from 1958. The ad says it’s lightweight, but to me it looks heavy enough to make itself necessary. Could that be Mr. Moreland himself?

This is similar to Stanley’s eBay club carrier, though probably more useful as a weapon. Is that Sam Snead in the photo on the right?

The Sit-n-Rest, from 1959, combines the best (as well as the worst) features of the previous two items. Note the four-club head cover in the bottom right hand corner. Order now!

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