Beef Box: Hotel & Motel Electrical Outlets

academically Power drain hidden behind motel-room refrigerator/minibar/microwave console.

Arganda Traveling golfers have stuff they need to plug in overnight: phones, cameras, GPS devices, laptops, tablets, CPAP machines, whatever. Yet many hotel and motel rooms make power extremely hard to access. Often, the only electrical outlets are hidden behind huge pieces of furniture and are already fully in use. The photo above is of a six-outlet adapter plugged into a standard duplex receptacle—the motel’s work-around solution to its own power shortage. All six outlets were in use already, so I had to unplug both the refrigerator and the alarm clock to plug in my Kindle cord, which also works on my phone. (Amazon pointlessly made its adapter too wide to fit side by side with even a normal-size plug.) To get at this mess, I had to move the fridge, which had a microwave on top of it. And the only place I could find to plug in my laptop was behind the bed:

Behind the bed: a duplex with a quad adapter.

I couldn’t plug in my laptop in the bathroom, because my camera battery was already charging in there. A friend of mine travels with a power strip and an extension cord—although in this room he still would have needed to move either the fridge or the bed.

6 thoughts on “Beef Box: Hotel & Motel Electrical Outlets

  1. I usually carry a 6-foot extension cord. It gives you 2 to 4 outlets depending on what you’re plugging in and it lets you plug stuff in where it’s more convenient.

  2. To help their profit margins I would trade the turn down service for accessible and usable outlets 🙂

    I really do not think it is about margins rather poor planning and design. They never envisioned the amount of devices that need to be charged.

  3. this thing is easy to travel with, and offers 2 USB ports along w/ 3 3-prong outlets on it…which is nice as that’s less adapters you need to carry, just need some USB cables…only caveat: the USB ports don’t have ample power to charge an iPad…this thing is about the size of a sleeve of balls, that is if a sleeve had 3 prongs sticking out one side

  4. Boring and only barely golf-related. Why so bitchy lately, David? Pen holder piece was mildly humorous, but trolly and outlet items mostly cranky.

    I do love that you must be frugal, based on the room photos. Scary place.

    Write something about a fellow golf nut at your club.

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