Beef Box*: Slow-Play Annoyance

Kevin, Tim, Peter A., Greg, Rick, Addison.集 Stuck: Kevin, Tim, Peter A., Greg, Rick, Addison, July 14, 2012. On Saturday, my sevensome got stuck behind a foursome. (Even so, we finished 18 holes in three and a half hours.)

*With apologies to Joe Pyne.

8 thoughts on “Beef Box*: Slow-Play Annoyance

  1. by recent evidence, the PGA Tour or the USGA are not interested in promoting / enforcing an acceptable pace of play. they talk about it, but that is about it. Five hours for a two-ball to complete 18 holes, regardless of the event, is utterly ridiculous! Too much prissing, stalking, shirt-tugging, sleeve-pulling, primping, done by the players during their pre-shot routines. Players never seem to prepare while their fellow competitor is playing. Tom Watson should be everyone’s model to copy! A round of golf too often resembles a ‘death march’!

  2. These long rounds are killing the game. I played this weekend and it was almost a 5 hour round. Hit and wait. Why pay these high greenfees and be miserable on the course. I am afraid nothing will change. Every course should have a time cop. If you’re slow you just step aside until everyone plays thru.

  3. Yesterday my foursome waited nearly fifteen minutes for the foursome ahead of us to putt out on a par three. One guy putted out complete while another searched for a “found” ball he shanked and the other two stood around waiting for him to finish his dropped shot and to top it off….. the flag wasn’t even pulled until the last couple of putts. By the time we started to tee off, three groups were waiting.

    Does this discourage me from playing? Hell yes. I’m a working stiff and I only get a precious few hours in a block for myself. I play ready golf on the principle that other people’s time is as rare and valuable as my own.

  4. I was playing in a fivesome the other day, and we were stuck behind an extremely slow foursome. We waited ten or fifteen minutes on the eighth tee while they wandered around, looked for their balls, sat in their carts, who knows what. One guy walked halfway across the fairway without a club, looked at his ball, and walked back. No one was ever ready to hit, and no one, apparently, ever looked back at the tee.
    They were still teeing off on nine when we got to the eighth green. I told one of them that they should have waved us up. He said, “But there are five of you.” I said, “Yes, and your foursome is holding us up.” He said, “But we let someone through on the fifth hole.” I said, “If you can’t play faster, you have to let all faster groups play through.” He said, “But there’s a woman in our group”–irrelevant under any circumstances, but especially so in this case because she wasn’t the main problem. And this guy was an Irishman!

  5. HINT: If the group immediately behind you is waiting, then you are holding up the rest of the golf course! DA! Some people are so oblivious to what is going on around them that you wonder how they find the next tee box!? Unfortuately, a number of players have a sense of entitlement once they get on the golf course. They employ the attitude of “I paid my money and this is my time”.

    Their approach is ‘To heck with etiquette and good judgment!’

    Slow play is certainly a detriment to the game, the operators, and the growth of the game.

  6. I played your club on Saturday noontime (coming over from a nearby club) and played in a touch under three hours. Pace was pleasurable but I could see how you could be held up waiting for the green to clear on #4.

  7. Seems to be the problem wherever you play. We had a group last week who had lost two holes on the group in front. They still would not let anyone play through.

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