Ma'rib Should a golfer use anything but Clubman toiletries? Arguably not. On and off for a couple of years—during the era of darkness before Google—I tried to tried to track down the company, without success. Well, I didn’t try very hard. But I did ask a couple of pros where the stuff in their locker rooms came from, and they told me they didn’t know. Maybe those bottles of lilac vegetal aftershave lotion had always been there, and had been used so seldom that they’d never needed to be replaced. Anyway, I checked again recently, and here’s what I learned: Edouard Pinaud was born in France in 1810. That’s his name—”Ed. Pinaud”—written sideways on the Clubman talc bottle, next to the guy in the top hat. Pinaud founded a perfume company in Paris in 1830, and he died in 1868, when he was one year older than I am now. The Clubman line must have arisen in there somewhere, although the date on the bottle is 1810, the year of Pinaud’s birth—a mystery we may never solve. In 1900, at the Exposition Universelle, in Paris, the Pinaud company introduced an oily hair preparation called Brilliantine, so maybe golfers should use that, too. Or maybe not, since by then Pinaud himself was long gone. Either way, why not surprise your wife by ordering a full line of Clubman products for your bathroom at home, thereby recreating the ambience of the men’s locker room? The website sells other possibly useful stuff, too, including the Jet Scream Emergency Whistle: