Winter Golf Accessory

buy modafinil in canada  If you play golf in cold weather, you have to do something about your ears. A knit cap is nice and warm, but it doesn’t have a bill, and you need a bill to shade your eyes when the sun is low in the sky. The traditional solution is to wear a knit cap on top of a regular golf cap. That’s not ideal, though, because unless you pull the knit cap down almost all the way  to your shoulders it will try to pinch-lift the regular golf cap off your head. Recently, I found a solution: the Ball Cap Ear Band, from the Duluth Trading Co., currently on sale for  $7.99. It keeps your ears well covered, and it has a slit for the bill of your golf cap, and the part that goes across your forehead helps to keep your face warm. And if you’re still cold you can wear a regular knit cap on top of it, or add one of those whole-head things that skiers sometimes wear–as I had to do on New Year’s Day in Atlantic City in 2009 (see alarming photo in previous post).

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