Another Golf Dream

spitefully The golf dream I wrote about in my previous post appears to be an example of a universal type. (See the comments—and I’d be happy to hear about others.) Here’s a similar one I had, almost twenty-five years ago:

misoprostol online no prescription I was getting ready to tee off on a 193-yard par three on a fancy country-club course that I knew nothing about. The first player to hit used a nine-iron. His ball cut low between two big maple trees, threaded its way through a partly opened wrought-iron gate in a high stone wall, and landed pin-high on a green the size of a mattress. There were some cars parked near the green, and, in fact, the green sometimes seemed to be situated in an empty parking space on a crowded city street. It was now my turn to hit, and I felt embarrassed that I was going to have to use a three-iron after the first player, whom I didn’t seem to know, had used a nine. I had a great deal of trouble finding a place to tee my ball, because half a dozen golfers were sitting in large armchairs arranged haphazardly on the tee. They were laughing and talking loudly, and paying no attention to me. As I moved anxiously among them, I was also somehow crawling near the green, and I found several balls hidden in some thick rough. I seemed to know that one of these balls belonged to the first player, and I believed that by studying it closely I would learn something that might help me with my own shot. I was having trouble concentrating, because I was worried about something the first player had done before teeing off. He had teed his ball three club lengths behind the tee markers, a distance he had measured with his club, and while I crawled among the big chairs I tried to decide whether I should inform him that the rules of golf permit teeing the ball no more than two club lengths behind the tee markers. I was worried that my concern about his violation of the rules would affect my ability to hit my own shot. My struggle seemed to go on for a very long time.  Before I got around to hitting my ball, I woke up.


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  1. David; Hilarious. My nightmare always includes the “not having enough room to swing” motif, but always has the problem that my tee always breaks or can’t be placed as I’m teeing off on concrete or linoleum. I never have any celebrities in my dreams but one time standing next to the tee was Jesus in a tuxedo eating a donut.

  2. I’d be interested in knowing if these similar dreams are typical of other sports enthusiasts. Do bowlers wait forever for their ball to return? I certainly have dreams like this. Normally, the entire dream consists of me trying (unsuccessfully) to tee up my ball. It never happens because of shifting trees, tees breaking, all sorts of stuff. The theme is carried over to most of my non-golf dreams; I’m always trying to get somewhere or do something that never comes to fruition.

    • A musician friend has had similar dreams:

      I want to set up my drums and “suddenly” key pieces of it are missing, or I do, and I realize it’s weird and all wrong. In other words, it’s never about playing, but about getting set up to play.

      • I have a similar, constricted teeing off in an odd place dream, usually an office which is nothing like my actual office. I never hit a shot. I also dream frequently of quail hunting and my shotgun never works. Mine lack the tension you mention; the inability to act is oddly acceptable, as if I am optimistic I can hit a golf shot or shoot a quail before and after failed attempts. No furniture in the hunting dreams.

  3. This is crazy! All of my golf dreams sound just like yours. I have never had a conversation with any of my buddies about their golf dreaming habits – I just assumed golfers dreamt about power cuts and high majestic draws to tucked pins. In 35+ years of playing golf, I have yet to hit a shot during a dream. I’m getting anxious just thinking about it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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