My Latest Golf Dream

Berriane Most of my recent golf dreams have been like the one I had last night:

I was at a fancy golf club with Hacker (real name) and two other friends from home. Teeing off ahead of us was Jack Nicklaus and three his-age old guys. The teeing area was at the top of what looked like a miniature ski jump. At first I thought the guys with Nicklaus were friends of his, but then I realized that they were part of some outing—like, maybe they had won their round in a contest, or had bought it in an auction. They were taking forever, and they were kind of hard to see, and after a long time Nicklaus waved to my friends and me and told us to go ahead. We ran to get our clubs, which for some reason we had left somewhere else, then climbed up the ski-jump thing—the top of which was now indoors and looked like an olden-days railroad office, with lots of desks and chairs and boxes and dark wood paneling. I was going to tee off first, but I had a hard time finding room to swing, because I now saw that I was going to have to hit my drive through a fairly small window and there were chairs and desks in the way. This went on for a long, long time. I tried to tee up my ball on a chair cushion and wondered why the only holes in the cushion were the ones that I was making now, with my tee: had no one teed off from this chair before? Then I realized that I was aiming toward the wrong window, and had to start over, in a new place. Then I realized that I really ought to be aiming at a third window, and after more struggling with my stance I realized, furthermore, that this third window could be opened in a different way—a way that made the opening somewhat larger. Everything kept taking forever, and I never seemed to have enough room to swing, and I worried about hitting a bad shot in front of Nicklaus, and I wondered if Nicklaus was now regretting having told my friends and me to go ahead. I also wondered why no other golfers had come up behind us. Then Nicklaus said something supportive, and I woke up.

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  1. Our group refers to these as “golf deprivation” dreams, as they almost exclusively occur from mid-November til early April when there is nae golf to be played in Minnesota.

  2. I have very similar dreams! I am in a cramped room, attempting to try and find the best place to tee it up. The tee shot must go through an open door to the fairway beyond. I go from side to side trying to get the proper angle. When I finally am ready to swing, something conflicts with the swing. I repeat the whole process over again ! There is usually a clock hanging somewhere on the wall also. Finally I wake up and yes, feeling rather exhausted.

  3. David-
    One of my best golf mates ( Peter Carver, above), was prescient and aware enough to forward to me your Latest Golf Dream. My relief is infinite to know that I am not alone.
    Please let me include my response to his email copying a few of our buddies.
    I think we are realizing a need perhaps exists for a support group of sorts…..

    Oh THANK GOD you sent this ! This saves me an enormous amount of future monies paid to therapists now that I know I am not alone.
    Because it rang so true with me, I literally had tears in my eyes laughing as I read David’s post.

    In fact, I had a very similarly hallucinogenic dream just the other night.
    Mine was a better ball match which found me trying to hit my “golf ball” which was actually a large blackberry growing on the base of a tree. My left handed flipped over pitching wedge produced a few wiffs, then by the time I was taking my drop ( now indoors by the way ) I had to find a stance on someone’s bed but didn’t have enough room to swing. Sound familiar?
    Once able to chunk it off the bed into the river, my partner said “ it’s ok , I got you covered on this hole “.
    Problem was his ball was nestled between the nightstand and the bed frame.

    At this point , we too, were holding up the group behind……

  4. I met Jack Nicklaus in the real world last month and we exchanged pleasantries. He even said happy birthday to me. I had a dream a couple of weeks later where I thanked him for designing a course in my home town and lamented that it would be soon turned into houses and condos. The course was Glen Abbey. He couldn’t have been nicer in both the real world and dreamland. After reading a lot about Pete Dye and playing a few of his courses I dreamt we were sitting on a patio discussing golf architecture – as if I know anything.

    • I also have suffered thru those type of dreams, and like others, wake up and feel exhausted and MAD. Strangely, I have dreamed several times of me playing a 9 hole course somewhere in Arkansas and I can describe every hole on the 9. Fact is, I have never plAyed golf in Arkansas!!!!

  5. I have had a similar recurring dream, except it’s Arnold Palmer and two random people I don’t know in my group. The tee isn’t indoors, it’s tucked way back in the woods with a narrow shute to the fairway and an overhanging branch that you have to hit under. The tee box is only 10’ wide and the tee markers are about a foot from the back of the tee box. I keep reteeing but no matter where I place the ball there’s a bush or tree branch that interferes with my backswing, or I’m so close to the tee marker, I’ll hit it. Arnold and the other two guys are just patiently waiting for me to hit, and talking like there’s nothing unusual going on.

    I’ve had this one at least a half dozen times, and have yet to hit the ball.

  6. The course, so familiar. My clubs, lost, stolen!, My playing partners, missing! The first tee, where is it? At the tee, through a window, can’t get the tee in, how do I swing? it’s so cramped! No backswing! Perched on some impossible ledge, a bunker, gigantic and deep, the green minute and sloped like a church roof!

    Oh wait, was this about dreams?

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