Rain is the Avid Golfer’s Best Friend

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Fastiv Not because it makes grass grow, but because it makes non-avid golfers decide to spend the day cleaning out their basement. Two weeks ago, the Friday-afternoon meeting of the Sunday Morning Group had to begin an hour late because the 16 participants in the Ladies’ Nine-Hole Member-Guest Tournament, held that morning, took three hours and fifteen minutes to play nine holes on an otherwise empty course. One group was still finishing when we got to the second hole:


Then, because the course had been closed to non-participants all morning, we ran into traffic after we made the turn. Sunday was way better, because rain fell hard all night on Saturday and was still falling hard in the morning, and the forecast for the rest of the day was worse. Sixteen guys showed up anyway, and, because of the weather, we didn’t have to share the course with anyone:


One difficulty with rainy-day golf is that rainsuits are not designed for weather that isn’t cold and windy as well as wet, even if they supposedly “breathe.” Tim and my brother, John, who played with us, have short-sleeved rain jackets, which work pretty well:


Rain pants are a problem, though, even if you don’t wear regular pants under them. One solution is to leave your rain pants in the car and wear a swimsuit (as Tony did) or nylon “hiking shorts” (as I did). Both probably violate our club’s dress code, but anyone who might have complained was at home, hiding indoors. I just ordered a pair of 100 percent synthetic Tony Hawk Plaid Performance Shorts, on sale at Kohl’s for $22—which will be my warm-season rain pants from now on. Shorts are much more “breathable” than Gore-Tex, because the leg openings act as vents, or chimneys, and who cares if they get wet?


Shoes are a problem, too, even if they’re supposedly waterproof, because if you’re wearing shorts water runs down your legs and into your socks. One solution: FootJoy golf sandals, like Barney’s (photo below). I just ordered a pair, also on sale, from GolfLocker.com.


Semi-miraculously, there was a break in the rain around the time we finished (as it happens, after three hours and fifteen minutes), meaning that we could eat lunch where we usually do, rather than on the porch.


Then more rain, just in time for a nap. Another perfect day.

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