News Bulletin: Will Miles Pars No. 6 Tim Miles is a follower of this blog. He is also a marketing consultant and the creator of a website called The Daily Blur. “In 2005,” he writes, “my worldview shifted when our son was diagnosed with autism. Since then, our family has learned to separate the truly important from the merely urgent.”

can you buy Lyrica in mexico Tim’s son, whose name is Will, is now seven, and he’s a golfer. On Tuesday evening, Tim told me in an email, Will made his first par, on a 100-yard par 3. Fortunately, Tim was present with a video camera:

“He didn’t speak until he was almost four,” Tim writes, “but he hasn’t stopped since. On the way home, we talked about golf, lightning bugs, forms of government and Richard Nixon.” (Incidentally, Will insists on playing the ball down: “real golf.”)

10 thoughts on “News Bulletin: Will Miles Pars No. 6

  1. LOVE this story and the fact it was one of the headline story’s on! Will’s silent, raise-the-roof, initial reaction is GREAT!

  2. Should mention to your friend that playing bridge is also a “natural” kind of hobby for some autistic people–in fact I once read an article that suspected many of the really great bridge players were borderline so, or had Asperger’s a form of autism as I understand it.

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