Invention Needed: Pocket Protector for Golf Pants Cotton golf shorts with incipient pocket-grunge problem.

Bethal Anyone who has played golf in warm weather while wearing light-colored cotton pants or shorts knows that after eighteen holes the area around the pocket opening becomes gross-looking and hard to clean. What golfers need is some kind of pants-pocket protector or pocket alternative—maybe a pocket-shaped insert (with a stabilizing external flap), which could be laundered separately or thrown away, or maybe a holster-like pouch that would attach to your belt and hang at your side (but not interfere with your swing). Or how about a miraculous spray that would prevent golf-related grime from adhering to pants fabric? Get to work, inventors!

While we’re on the subject of pants, I’d like to complain about something else. I own several pairs that are supposedly designed for golfers. One of their supposedly golf-friendly features is extra pockets, for scorecards and tees. That may sound like a good idea, but it’s not. The scorecard pocket and the tee pocket are right on top of regular pockets (one front, one back), and that means that every time you reach for either your scorecard or a tee you have a fifty percent chance of sliding your hand into the wrong opening. Anyway, why isolate tees from the other stuff you carry around? I keep meaning to sew those extra pockets shut, and someday I will.

Stupid Pants: PGA Tour Ultimate Performance golf pants, with annoying extra pockets for tees and a scorecard.

2 thoughts on “Invention Needed: Pocket Protector for Golf Pants

  1. David – its as if you wrote what was on my mind. I have almost ruined a new pair of white golf shorts due to pocket grunge. I have just shopped our largest golf shop and there is nothing there or on line. Let me know if you find the ultimate pocket protector – thx – Paul

  2. I bought something called a Pants Pocket Saver that loops through my belt. I hang my phone from it and i don’t have to reach into my pocket for it. Also, you could velcro a small pocket to it to hold tees and divot fixer. I wear it all the time, not just on the golf course. It doesn’t interfere with my swing either. the site is

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